As our communities cope with ever changing guidance, Inclusive Partners is still doing what we can to support child care providers, children, and their families.  Although we are still working remotely and available via phone and email, we are starting to make some site visits.  We will continue to encourage virtual connections to determine if further supports are needed.  We reserve the choice to meet in person if the situation warrants.

Our team members are committed to reducing the transmission of COVID-19.  Let's continue to be patient and kind in allowing space to make the safest choices for each of us.

Please call or email us for more information should you be interested in accessing our services.

Stay well and Wash your hands!

The Inclusive Partners Team

Abby Scott

Inclusion Support Specialist

 “We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.”

                                                                                 – Malala Yousafzai


Education is empowerment.  Access to education in a nurturing and supportive environment  is a right that I believe all people should enjoy.  Nobody can do it alone.  Inclusion is about supporting each other to be our best selves and that looks different for everyone.

Life has taught me:

That a little kindness and patience go a long way.  I like to try to imagine what brought each person to the moment they are sharing with me and assume we are all doing the best we can that day.


Bet you didn’t know:

On a hot summer day, you will find me in the woods by a river with a book or IN the river!  I love playing outside, swimming, reading, growing food, cooking and chasing rainbows.  Also, I am probably the luckiest mom on the planet.



Melinda Benson

Program Coordinator

Sieu Inac

Inclusion Specialist

Trish Roussel

Inclusion Specialist

Erin Tamblyn

Inclusion Specialist

Abby Scott

Inclusion Support Specialist

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