The High Needs Rate Program Through DHS Childcare

DHS High Needs Program

Inclusive Partners works with DHS Self Sufficiency to coordinate the High Needs program for families with children who have higher needs and are receiving child care subsidy through ERDC or JOBS/TANF.

Local DHS workers, not Inclusive Partners staff, determine eligibility for child care assistance through ERDC or TANF/Jobs.

DHS has two types of rates for children with higher level needs: the Special Needs Rate and the High Needs Rate.

Children with a special need rate may also be eligible for a higher rate to support that child’s care. Families may request a High Needs referral from their DHS caseworker. Inclusive Partners may also work with child care providers to begin the referral process.

Inclusive Partners staff complete the High Needs Rate Determination Assessment in the child care setting to determine the child’s individual rate and the provider’s consultation and technical assistance needs.

The High Needs Rate is intended to help stabilize care and offer inclusive supports to the child care provider in their setting. The supplement is to enhance a child’s experience, it does not cover child care costs.

If you have further questions, contact your DHS caseworker or Inclusive Partners.


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