Choosing Child Care

Choosing Child Care

When you need child care, contacting 211info is the place to start. They will ask specific questions about your child care preferences and needs.  Be very specific in communicating your needs so they can provide a list of providers tailored to your criteria.

Here is more information on finding quality Child Care in Oregon so that you know what kind of care might fit best, what questions to ask providers, and how to effectively communicate your family and child’s needs.

When contacting providers, it’s always helpful to share these types of essential information:

  • Your child’s interests, likes and dislikes, and favorite activities.
  • Your child’s strengths and abilities.
  • Specific needs that your child has and best ways to meet them.
  • Best ways to communicate with you.
  • How to be consistent with what you do at home, especially regarding behaviors.
  • People that may be helpful to the provider, such a specialist who works with your child.

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