As you all know, Our communities are working hard to adapt how to  we can continue to do business in light of ever changing recommendations from our Governor, the CDC and Administration regarding personal contact to contain the spread of the COVID-19.

We at Inclusive Partners are taking all necessary precautions to contain the spread of the disease.  Each of us are working remotely and communicating via phone, email and virtual conferencing options.  What that means for our services is that we are available in many ways except in person.  We will continue to answer emails, take phone calls and work with families, child care providers and community partners to support children with specialized needs while in child care.

Please call or email us for more information should you be interested in accessing our services.

Stay well and Wash your hands!

The Inclusive Partners Team

For Families

For Families

Inclusive Partners is here to support you and your child care provider. If you have a child with higher needs or are struggling to keep stable child care due to your child’s specialized needs, we may be able to help.

Often the help we offer stabilizes care which keeps you working!

You have more expertise about your child than anyone else and you know them in a unique way. This information is particularly helpful to us as consultants, and most certainly your provider (who partners with you in caring for your child).

We offer consultation, technical assistance and other supports free of charge. We provide these services via phone, email or even onsite.

Family Resources


“I can’t thank you enough for your dedication, support, and input today. I was inspired and humbled by your clear dedication and desire for inclusion for our daughter! This has been such a challenging process and we are so grateful for such an amazing network of support.”
“(My son) is doing so much better all the way around this year! I’m working full-time and actually able to focus because I have very little anxiety about what’s going on while he is in child care!”
“My child has autism and intellectual disabilities with no language. We tried many different ways to assimilate him into a child care program with no success, until you came along. This program changed his life forever and gave him the chance to experience life as a normal child. Before Inclusive Partners, we would miss so much work because of child care issues. When this program came along, I was able to keep a job and move up to a position that gave my family health care. Now, (he) is in Kindergarten and doing so well!”

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