Sieu Inac

Inclusion Specialist

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not fighting the old, but on building the new.”


– Socrates

 My WHY:

Education and Inclusion have always played a major part in my life’s work as well as my own personal journey.  I support any project that meets individuals where they are while being dedicated to helping people engage in meaningful opportunities. Individuals connecting with one another while growing together and learning from each other in the process is what I am most passionate about. I do this work to help assist with promoting the concept of what meaningful inclusion is all about.  That for inclusion to be truly successful, inclusive practices must be authentically embedded and practiced in every aspect of our lives.

Life has taught me:

That we must always strive to keep an open heart and mind while being authentic in our intentions.  We must have a willingness to accept that life is continuously changing and evolving, and we are forever learning.  As much as we teach and educate, we must also continuously be open to acquiring knowledge while gaining new skills.  If you have a question, you just need to ask it, for you have little to lose and everything to gain!

Bet you didn’t know:

I enjoy making music, singing my heart out, painting, traveling, cooking, and writing poetry.  What I enjoy most of all though, are those magical moments in life where I am able to participate in truly authentic experiences, so meaningful that it can positively change one’s outlook!.

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Sieu Inac

Inclusion Specialist

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