What Is Inclusion?

What Is Inclusion?

Inclusion means that everyone is able to take part in the same activities, enjoy the same experiences, and have the same access to opportunity within their communities, regardless of ability.

As we grow into adulthood, our actions toward others are shaped by our early experiences. Having positive experiences in inclusive settings enable us to view each other with appreciation of our differences, similarities and uniqueness.

Benefits of Inclusive Child Care

In inclusive settings

  • Young people are not segregated.  The negative effects of labeling and lack of familiarity are decreased.
  • Young and school age children have opportunities to learn from and share experiences with each other.  This includes positive models for learning, communication and behaviors.
  • All children feel a sense of belonging.
  • Children of all ages learn to appreciate diversity in others.
  • When everyone participates, children have opportunities to be creative, resourceful and cooperative.

Benefits to providers implementing inclusive practices in their programs

  • New knowledge and skills, aiding all the children in the setting.
  • New contacts and partnerships, which can enhance business practices.
  • Connections to community resources.
  • Opportunities to help others celebrate that we all have unique abilities and needs.

Benefits to families

  • Opportunities to experience typical child care settings and community events.
  • Vision of a positive future for families.
  • Relationships and connections with other families in the community.
  • An awareness of diverse family systems.

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